TV jinxes Fowler down the stretch, and a horrible caddy.

Ricky Fowler was graced with a stat that made him a marked man of fate. He had not made a double bogey or worse this week, johnny miller says and you can’t win tourneys doing that, he has to learn to not to do that.

Ricky had a double bogey or worse in the past 14 tourneys.

With in 15 minutes of that newsflash Ricky stretched that streak to 15 tourneys with a triple on par 5 16th, which Tiger two putted for birdie.

SIDE NOTE: Ricky Fowler, should of never been on the Ryder Cup team in 2010…another story to follow…

Also, I noticed that his caddy didn’t listen to Ricky he seemed to be more interested in partying vs working. On the first shot Ricky hit into the pond, Ricky says “I hit it a bit heavy” and ended up 7 yards short of the pin, hitting the grass below red line having to take a drop back in the fairway. After saying a good shot is to the back of the green…then Ricky backs off and asks his caddy are you sure this is enough? His caddy says yea…The rest is history.

His “slight” miss can’t be 15 yards short of his intended distant, a slight miss is 5 maybe 10, which in this case would of been perfect, which it wasn’t.

Ricky needs to find a pro caddy that isn’t his friend, I don’t know if Ricky’s caddy is his friend off the course, I am willing to bet he is, which is a huge mistake, maybe Ricky might have what it takes to be a 10 time winner on the PGA tour, my bet he will need a new caddy before he will become that winner, until then the doubles will continue to roll, can’t wait for 30th tourney in a row record with a double or worse.

Johnny Miller comment about not having enough golf balls was rather stupid, clarifying that the one Ricky threw in was the 3rd on this hole.


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